Moose Gear Scout Prizes

MM had been awarded as a Gold Rank from Moose Gear's Scout Challenge last year (you may check Moose Gear Official Facebook for more details) and collected 6 badges and 3 sets of Moose Gear Outfit as a prize. Last week of January we received the actual badges aside from the soft copy sent, and of course the 3 sets of Moose Gear Outfit, 1 Jumpsuit and 2 sleeveless tops.

And here's MM, wearing the peach and pink combination colored sleeveless tops paired with a Moose Girl White Shorts, shoes from Converse that matches her outfit. We are on our way for the PTC (Parent-Teacher Conference) as she wears this. And I am so glad that after this pose, we received a good feedback on how MM is doing at school. 


How about you kids and parents out there? Have you join in some online promo contests? If you have few of Moose Gear Collection, you may join in their latest promo too.
Here is the link for the January 2016 Contest from Moose Gear.

2016 New Year's Resolution for MM

This active little girl had been a good girl, though sometimes she had flaws too. But for the year 2016, she had made a point to have her New Year's Resolution. And that is to do more of sharing and helping others. It may sound to general, but indeed she have to do more of it as she becomes a big girl already.

MM is wearing a blue striped jumpsuit from Moose Girl, underneath is a Moose Girl Pink Aztec Tops, Shoes from Converse.

Her playful side makes her a kids magnet as she is to friendly and not the shy-type at all. She is able to help others in her own little way but doing more of it is a great help.

How about you kids? Do you have your own New Year's Resolution? Why not share it through Instagram and if you are a Moose Gear Fan, why not wear your MG Outfit and join in the latest promo they are having. You may visit their website to know more: Moose Gear Official Website

Welcoming the New Year 2016

Hello 2016!
MM is welcoming this year of the monkey (as her mom is born in the year of the monkey) with a blast.
She love to see the fireworks and of course gearing up with this Holiday Style Get Up is fun.
Tops is from Moose Girl, a 3/4 red and white color to match the Holiday Styled Theme. Bottoms is of course from Moose Gear too, colored green or teal. Boots is her latest Christmas Gift from the generous Godparents of hers, all the way from U.S. Thank You for that! 
MM loves this boots so much and how she styled this way up for the first post for 2016. 

And we placed a little artwork in this image just a little reminder for the year 2016. Let those Good Vibes come in.
Hello 2016!!!